Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling! YAY, leg shaving season is almost over 😊

Autumn comes with leaves changing, cool crisp air, hot cocoa, and apple cider, fuzzy socks and lots of layers, so what’s not to love? With the changing of the seasons, it can also mean making changes to our wardrobes. If you have a tight budget the change in the season may not be all that welcome. But by just adding a few key pieces to your summer staples you can be ready for fall in a jiffy without breaking your pocketbook.

Here are a couple of tips to stretch your wardrobe to make your favorite summer staples last all year long!

  • Keep your summer dresses! Style your dresses with long sleeves. Whether it’s a long cozy cardigan, tweed blazer, chunky knit sweater or collared shirt the trick to wearing your summer dresses all year long is to add layers. What you’ll end up with is a beautiful, trendy fall outfit.
  • Adding leggings or tights to your outfit can be a fun way to add texture, color, and warmth to your wardrobe. By just adding a pair of inexpensive tights or leggings you can extend the life of your favorite summer skirts and dresses.
  • Add Fall colors and heavier fall fabrics! Just add some deeper jewel-toned colors to your wardrobe to extend the life of your lighter summery clothes. Pair that pastel dress you wore this summer with a jewel-toned cardigan, tights and a pair of boots for a more fall-appropriate look. Throw in a little tweed, wool or leather jacket to help transition to fall.

No need to pack up your entire summer wardrobe. Just by adding layers, jewel-toned colors and heavier fall fabrics you can take many of your summer favorite’s and transition them into fall outfits!

As much as I love summer, I do really love the idea of the changing seasons! Fall is full of wonderful things- it means pumpkin-flavored everything, football, changing leaves and chunky knit sweaters!

Tell me, what do YOU love most about autumn?

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