Leopard Love Beaded Tassel Keychains


Leopard Love and Solid Wood Beaded Tassel Keychains.

These are so dang Classy and Functional!!! In style and the perfect gift for a friend, daughter, aunt, mother, teacher, you name it! Each bracelet comes with a tassel keychain, which can be removed.

Content: Wood beads and Silicone Beads (Leopard print)
Bead Dimensions: 15-16mm

Vendor is Homerun

Leopard Love w/ Black TasselLeopard Love w/ Black Tassel
Leopard Love w/ Brown TasselLeopard Love w/ Brown Tassel
Solid Wood w/ Black TasselSolid Wood w/ Black Tassel
Solid Wood w/ Brown TasselSolid Wood w/ Brown Tassel
Leopard and Black W/Black TasselLeopard and Black W/Black Tassel
Leopard And Brown W/Brown TasselLeopard And Brown W/Brown Tassel
Leopard And Black W/Ruby TasselLeopard And Black W/Ruby Tassel
Leopard & Brown Beaded w/ Brown TasselLeopard & Brown Beaded w/ Brown Tassel
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