Rise DropShip Program


How It Works

Our dropship program is geared towards boutique owners that have their own brand and website and are looking to supplement their current inventory. Our goal is to be a simple way for you to run your own boutique. It's a $199 monthly membership that is set up to auto-renew every 30 days (you can cancel anytime). You will sync RISE inventory onto your website with 2-way sync using an app called Sync Logic. Inventory will appear as real-time numbers. Your customer will shop your personal website and we will also receive a draft order as orders come in. We then send you an itemized spreadsheet in the morning for any sales made the previous day as well as an invoice. The invoice includes shipping and your 50% off retail discount. Once your invoice is paid we ship out your order. It's that simple!

We launch every Thursday morning at 8 am and for each launch we have anywhere from 8-20 items launching. We also have early access where you can purchase samples 2-3 weeks before they launch on the site to customers. Everything is shipped unbranded with your return address on the package so your customer does not know that we're involved in the process. You can send us any thank you cards or special add-ins you would like to include in your packages. We provide you with many resources to help you run a successful business. We provide you with styled pics, marketing graphics and videos, silent videos, style/fit videos, IG/TikTok reels, and email templates.

We're running a promo right now all new RISE Drop Ship sign-ups will receive their first 2 months FREE!

Join now and receive first month FREE! Enter code "FREERISETRIAL" at checkout.

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